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The cover’s in!!!

The full story can be found by clicking the title of this post…. but this is the cover that goes with it! YES! it’s me! and NO! i’m not gay! Brilliant photography by the lovely Sarah Sculley of SculleyDesign. Next … Continue reading

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Why? oh Why… am I so cranky all the time?

I’ll fucking tell you why. Because I am cold. I am very cold. Why am I cold? Because I have no hot water. Why do I have no hot water? Because I have no electricity. Why do I have no … Continue reading

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I’ve decided I’m going to blog on every etsy purchase that I make, and like. My most recent purchase of two tops from was so easy and enjoyable, I thought I’d give the creator, Helen, a big plug from … Continue reading

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Why I need to start this post with "not that there’s anything wrong with it"…

… but I’m not gay! (do you get the Seinfeld reference?) I was thrilled this morning when my girlfriend (not “girlfriend” but my good, female, FRIEND), Sarah, of SculleyDesign, texted me saying “don’t pee your pants, but you’re going to … Continue reading

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Why everyone needs a Lyptis dress!

I got a package in the mail this morning… two dresses from Franziska Ringel – a.k.a. “Lyptis” of and Pictured is me is the “lounge” dress – a 3/4 sheath of soft charcoal cotton, that fits like a … Continue reading

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Newest creations… in the midst of renovation HELL

OK – blog post number 2 (woot woot!)… my living conditions resemble glam camping at the moment…I have “no” electricity – no lights, hot water or aircon, but I do have a lead for the tv and another for the … Continue reading

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