wishlist wednesday

Some red hot things to keep you warm this winter…

men’s red leather cuff by theshagbag (what an awesome name too)

hot hot hooooot red leather clutch by Berlinski

I already bought one of these skirts actually – heheheh
by Ureshii

Loving this ‘cyclops’ ring by Incalesco

this is what i’m drooling over right now 🙂 enjoy!


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5 Responses to wishlist wednesday

  1. incalesco says:

    Thanks for drooling over my cyclops ring Ange – haha!exo

  2. Oooh … LOVE your blog!oxoxDenalee

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh I love these little earrings! Tweeting now!www.twitter.com/innerearthsoapsErin xx

  4. Zinnia Pea says:

    Such sweet little earrings! Tweeted =) twitter.com/zinniapea

  5. I'm now your newest Facebook pal. Such cute earrings!!

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