The cover’s in!!!

The full story can be found by clicking the title of this post….
but this is the cover that goes with it! YES! it’s me! and NO! i’m not gay!
Brilliant photography by the lovely Sarah Sculley of SculleyDesign.
Next photoshoot booked for Easter weekend – stay tuned for more crazy pics!!

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5 Responses to The cover’s in!!!

  1. juliesjewels says:

    Oh WOW Congrats – this must be so exciting and another one coming up. Can’t wait to see that one…

  2. lyptis says:

    Hey Ange u old lezzer, looking HOOOAT!!Well, what can i say, do u look like this every day??

  3. Woot Ange!!Can I brag to people that someone I know was a covergirl??

  4. Natalia says:

    Hawtsauce!*rawr*;) 😉

  5. michvanetta says:

    Oh Ange you super HOT thang.The front cover looks amazing!

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