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New listings…

a few new offerings… Advertisements

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Etsy’s Last Weekend Deals…?

There has been a lot of talk lately on the Etsy forums about Etsy’s Weekend Deals. I’ve participated in one so far, and was lucky enough to get in the gift guide, storque and the email – WHOA! 🙂 Got … Continue reading

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New listing… a work of art…?

Literally, a wearable piece of art, well I think so anyway! This piece is inspired by my obsession with Laurell K Hamilton’s books – in particular the Merry Gentry faerie princess series.Princess Meredith has sidhe scarlet hair, most often described … Continue reading

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New Listings and New Pics!

I treat myself to a new camera recently! A Canon Powershot. Quite exxy, but I think worth it. I’ve retaken some shots of existing listings, plus my newest piece (the garnet wire wrapped one at the bottom). What do you … Continue reading

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