Newest creations… in the midst of renovation HELL

OK – blog post number 2 (woot woot!)… my living conditions resemble glam camping at the moment…I have “no” electricity – no lights, hot water or aircon, but I do have a lead for the tv and another for the modem and laptop (priorities – beer and internet).All these conditions conspire to allow me to make jewellery! yay! as if I needed an excuse. Josh says it’s all I do on the weekends anyway so what’s the difference…. I can’t really argue.

I feel totally useless at the moment – Josh is outside renovating and knocking shit down and I’m just hanging around inside. Feels indulgent but every time I ask he insists I can’t do anything.

He’s gentlemanly to a fault really.

My car broke down yesterday after my Hairfree appointment (Hairfree is aaaawesome – SIPL hair removal treatment. I recommend Helen at Capalaba Hair Free Centre) and instead

of just letting me wait for the RACQ to tow my car Josh raced to my side, didn’t even take the time to put a shirt on and waited with me… its sweet really and I shouldn’t complain… I’m just so used to being independent…

Maybe this gentlemanliness (is that a word?) is why I can’t help with the renovation??

Gotta get my she-rah on (remember that show – tee hee!) and just

dig in and take control of the sledgehammer!!


So anyway, this is my weekend – and tomorrow back to work… except I have to start late because I’m waiting for the mechanic to come fix my car before work. Cross your fingers for me that it doesn’t cost a million bucks!


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3 Responses to Newest creations… in the midst of renovation HELL

  1. lyptis says:

    Ure funny! Nice writing style!Im typing in the dark coz my boy always complains when i leave the little light on!:(Anyways, hope everything works out well with ur house and the car is gonna be alright and REALLY cheap to fix!And i dont know that tv show, got any clips??

  2. angelene says:

    thanks fran 🙂 i’ll check out youtube for a clip! it was an old cartoon…

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