Help has arrived!

Cody the computer geek by TheHouseOfMouse

well, help has always been here really…
I’m talking about TeamSASsy. Sellers Assisting Sellers (SAS) is an etsy team which specialises in, well, helping etsians. How awesome is that? You might not have known they existed, or you may have heard of them, but not really known too much about what they do. Well, let’s change that shall we?

Nerd necklace by Morphologica

You can ask them anything, and I mean anything. The range of expertise in this street team is enormous. From Adobe to Yarn (there was no expertise starting with Z unfortunately), they’ve got it all. So use them, seriously.

For more information on live critiques, areas of expertise (including people who you can just vent to), check out the Team SASsy blog here. The blog is fantastic, with articles on promotion, time management, photography, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a whole lot more.

And if you think you can contribute – there’s also information on how to join the team. TeamSASsy is always on the look out for experts, particularly people who are ready and willing to contribute to the blog and run live critiques in a range of timezones (hooray for people outside the US!).

Ciao! xx Ange.


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  1. Kylie B says:

    Thats one cute little mouse!

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