Why? oh Why… am I so cranky all the time?

I’ll fucking tell you why. Because I am cold. I am very cold. Why am I cold? Because I have no hot water. Why do I have no hot water? Because I have no electricity. Why do I have no electricity? Because Energex do not like the look of my box. 😛
After one hellish week of cold, cold showers, Energex came to hook up our electricity on Wednesday, but decided, that even though they’d disconnected the electricity juuuust 3 weeks ago, all of a sudden the box thingamajig is no good. Bah! We have to get a new box thingie and rebook Energex. It will take five days to process the request, thanks very much.
I can HANDLE climbing a ladder to get to the front door. I can HANDLE dirt and dust and vacuuming every second day. I can HANDLE candles and torches and leads for everything. But I cannot handle cold showers… I even have them in summer. I love a luxurious, yummy, hot shower with smelly lotions and potions and washing my hair and having hot water running down my back. It’s awesome. And now… I don’t have that. grrrrr

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2 Responses to Why? oh Why… am I so cranky all the time?

  1. lyptis says:

    Aah, im sorry to hear Angie!:(I can imagine how hard that is, i cudnt do it without a breakdown, i need a comfy, safe space! Well all the best!And re electricity freaks, some people/companies can be such dickheads!!

  2. Sucky, sucky, sucky!!My hubby is an electrician in NSW – he says that Energex sux & needs to pull their finger out!!Just think about how sweet that first hot shower will be…

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