GIVEAWAY! Tiny bow earrings :)

It’s a giveaway, a giveaway!

How does it work?

Enter by the following means (any or all of the following):

  1. become a NEW fan on facebook:
  2. Tweet this giveaway and mention me @angelenefay
  3. blog this giveaway and post the link here as a comment

Post a comment here (one comment for each entry) and ensure you include a way for me to contact you if you should WIN!

I will post this pair anywhere in the world, giveaway ends in one week’s time (ends Sunday night 11 July at midnight) and I will select the winner randomly.

These tiny bow earrings are my older-style bows (as pictured at the top of this post). I have since created a new style, by hammering the earrings for contour – squee!

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25 Responses to GIVEAWAY! Tiny bow earrings :)

  1. I am already a fan awesome lady!:) Debtwocheekymonkeys at live dot com

  2. Morphologica says:

    Tweeted. Can't become a new fan bc I'm an old boring one 😦

  3. Jasmine1485 says:

    I'm already a facebook fan so I guess I don't get an entry for that 😦 However, I did tweet about it: at hotmail.com

  4. Tweeted your giveaway sweetie!! Have fun with it all.Cheers,Tasha

  5. Zinnia Pea says:

    Gorgeous little earrings! Have tweeted. =)

  6. MMBB says:

    I have been looking for simple little silver bow earrings for over a year! Seriously! I asked every jewellers in town and googled but couldn't find ones without bling or that weren't bigger than my ears!Following blog.

  7. MMBB says:

    and I likey on FB too 😀

  8. MMBB says:

    and I tweeted about it @muffinmonsterbb

  9. We are already on your Fba d twitter, but here is a shoutout! :) (Laura)

  10. MeAndBoo says:

    Ooo, pretties! Will Tweet you too!

  11. Christina says:

    I'm a new FB fan! Love your stuff!

  12. PussDaddy says:

    I tweeted it and blogged about it. Thanks for the opportunity. They are really cute.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You stuff is super kool and cute to boot! Tweeted!

  14. Michelle says:

    helloooo! pretty sure i'm already a fan sweetie, but i went and tweeted your giveaway!

  15. Erica says:

    Love your earrings, already a fan on Facebook. Thanks Erica

  16. Andrea says:

    Awesome earings 🙂 I tweeted!

  17. MooBeeTees says:

    Consider yourself tweeted Miss Ange 🙂

  18. Ľubaša says:

    tweeted dot k at gmail dot com

  19. Ľubaša says:

    I am already fan on FB (Ľubica Kotmániková)lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  20. Gorgeous earrings, would love to win! I am a follower Addicted 2 Lip Balm and I have tweeted @A2LB. Thanks xx

  21. Vittoria says:

    I'm a new facebook fan! These are toooo cute!

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