sneak peak at my new wardrobe…

This is the reason why you haven’t seen any new jewellery in a couple of weeks. I have spent the last few weekends covered in paint to prepare our new bedroom / walk in robe / ensuite…

I can’t wait to move my clothes into this heavenly walk in wardrobe!!!!! And, I also can’t wait until 13th May, when the shower screen gets installed so we can actually use our divine new ensuite!

UPDATE: Josh made these AWESOME earring holders using sturdy fly mesh, board and recycled trims (ripped off our walls actually!). I loooove them! I will add some hooks for earrings down the side. WHEEEE!


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3 Responses to sneak peak at my new wardrobe…

  1. Som's Studio says:

    Wow! This really looks good! The earring holders look very neat!

  2. Oh it looks awesome Ange… I would LOVE shelves like that! You must be so excited.

  3. Missymaomao says:

    Oh looks great. Love the earring holders.

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