the making of something special…

some meticulous and difficult wire wrapping here – as I attempt to include some loops to hang gems… including AAA blue SAPPHIRE! (stunnnnnning), flawless rock crystal quartz, black spinel, pyrite (fools gold) lapis lazuli with flashes of pyrite and smoky quartz… sterling silver wire and 14kt goldfill chain… decadence embodied!

the finished piece – still to be oxidised…

coming soon to Jewellery by Ange on Etsy


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5 Responses to the making of something special…

  1. Ruthie says:

    This does look intricately tricky, Ange. It's beautiful, so delicate. It wil going to be special!

  2. helena says:

    the blue and silver matches! so lovely and delicate! xoxox

  3. JuliaA says:

    wow–gorgeous work!

  4. Giftbearer says:

    Beautiful design! I especially love the pointy briolette hanging from the bottom.

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