Tutorial: How to oxidise jewellery

OK, I haven’t done a tutorial in quite awhile so you’re in for a treat! If you’re not a jewellery maker, you might be interested in how some of the darker jewellery comes to be – OXIDISED!

Step one… make some jewellery 🙂 You could also choose to oxidise jewellery you’ve bought yourself, just give it a clean / wash so it hasn’t got oils or polish on it that will prevent the jewellery from oxidising properly.

Step two… lay your jewellery out on a piece of paper towel (to absorb excess water throughout the process) inside a large snap lock bag.

Step three… boil some eggs! For this amount of jewellery (roughly eight pieces) two eggs is good. For less, use less, for more, use more.

Step four… using a spoon (not a knife or you’ll pop the bag) crush the egg – focusing on spreading out and exposing as much yolk as you can – its the sulfur in the yolk that does the important stuff here.

Step five… wait… it will take only a few minutes for the process to be visible – you jewellery will go through stages of gold through to a dark grey brown colour. For a nice dark colour I like to leave it overnight.

Step six… there won’t be any egg on your jewellery (it won’t smell – don’t worry) but you do need to give it a rinse in some clean water… then dry with a soft lint free cloth. Now you’re ready to polish!

Step seven … give it a polish with a jewellery cleaning / polishing cloth (my preferred option to prevent scratching the metal) or with some steel wool. Keep going until you have the effect you want – use your nails under the cloth to get into nooks and crannies!

Then… voila! You have beautifully, naturally oxidised jewellery 🙂 I like oxidising some of my pieces because it really shows the detail and neatness of your wire wrapping, and also gives a bit of a gothic noir effect, or an aged antique effect. In fact, sometimes oxidising is called “antiquing”.

You can reverse the process by using a jewellery cleaner for sterling silver, however you will want to be careful if you have delicate beads like pearls – check your jewellery cleaner for more details.

The pieces used in this tutorial will all be available for sale in my etsy store.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

x Ange.


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4 Responses to Tutorial: How to oxidise jewellery

  1. Ange says:

    mezziG I accidentally rejected your comment! I'm so sorry! I can't figure out how to get it back on, but thank you for commenting, and I am so glad you enjoy my blog and tutorials 🙂

  2. MeAndBoo says:

    You know, I have tried to oxidise before using chemicals and this is soooo much better. Thankyou!

  3. Great tute Ange, I always wondered how oxidising happened 🙂

  4. Great tutorial Ange! 🙂

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