Reno Rumble update – the ensuite!

I’ve been slack in blogging this, so here’s a quick catchup. About 18 months ago, Josh and I bought this:

Then a little over a year ago we started our massive renovation. The goal – to get ahead a little financially, so that we could have a nice house with a manageable mortgage, by doing a really huge silly renovation. It sounded like fun at the time, but it’s been a lot of hard work (mainly for Josh).But it was hard for me – this ladder was my stairs for five months. Yep, carting washing, shopping etc up and down this damn thing. The neighbours got a real kick out of me in my office suit and heels getting in and out of the house. Funny stuff… nooot!

But I have learned some useful skills – for example, how to use a drop saw! Last Easter Josh and I did the framing (all of it) downstairs over a one week period – it was actually a lot of fun, especially for me to feel like I was contributing to the renovation.

Last year was all about the bulk construction and exterior of the house – this is what it looks like at the moment – it’s been lifted, framed, rendered and the landscaping is done (we added a lawn and garden after this shot was taken).

This year it’s inside… rather than do downstairs first, we’re converting three bedrooms in a row, into a master retreat – with bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite. The ensuite is first! Here is my crappy sketch of what we’re doing…

Clockwise – entry, one vanity on the nearest wall, shelves and window and laundry chute on left wall, back wall has another vanity, window and towel rail, right hand wall has a large twin shower, and then a loo.

Yesterday we cleaned out the room (it was our storage room)… so here’s the before shots.
That room you can see through the doorway will be our walk in robe – at the moment we are relying on drawers, a small cupboard, and the spare bed on which most of our clothes sit! It’s terrible, so I can’t wait for the walk in robe to start!

So that’s where we’re at. Today we are going to tear down the sheeting in the room ready for waterproof sheeting and tile underlay. YAY!!!


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7 Responses to Reno Rumble update – the ensuite!

  1. Designsdbj says:

    No pain- no gain. It will be worth it in the end. It looks fantastic:)

  2. the exterior looks fabulous, Ange.Having a new bathroom will be so exciting!

  3. Hot Fudge says:

    I take my hat off to you – what a fantastic job you are both doing. We went through a major reno when our 3 children were young … shudder.

  4. helena says:

    don't know how you guys do it, ange, but that's a pretty massive reno. And everything is looking soo good!

  5. alipink says:

    Looking good Ange! We had to leave our house half-way through a renovation. I know we'll probably never live there again (it is rented out) but I still fantasise about what we are going to do next. Hard work but so rewarding.

  6. Kreativlink says:

    Wow! You did a fantastic job so far!

  7. Morphologica says:

    baha @ Ange pretending she knows how to use a saw 😉

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