conquering my fears, relaxing, and ralphing…

I just got back from a lovely week in Fiji with my fiance Josh… It was gorgeous – turquoise water, cobalt blue skies… amaaaaaaazing sunsets…

We went on a tour of a Fijian village, including a river boat cruise and a waterfall swim and a traditional Lovo lunch, but other than that we lazed by the pool, snorkelled in the water (I have a phobia of open water… this is the conquering fears bit) and generally did sweet FA. It was just what the doctor ordered!!!

We stayed at the Wellesley Resort, a “boutique” resort boasting 15 rooms only, with no children allowed – woohoo! It wasn’t all it boasted, with two small children staying (and wailing) a couple of rooms up on our first night (thankfully they left on our second day there), a double-bed only (the website boasts king size), repetitive (but yummy) menu and no BBQ / Lovo nights as advertised… and a bit of a whammy when we left – guess what guys – your transfers are one way only! That’ll be $150 thanks to get back to the airport (we negotiated our way out of that one though as the website wording is dodgy “pick up and transfer”)…but sheesh!

We chose to ignore those little things, and looked on the bright side – at any one time there were only 10 guests at the resort – we had pretty well exclusive use of the pool, beach, kayacking and snorkelling equipment, and it was so QUIET! No dogs, no kids (except for the first night), and no mobiles, computers or televisions! Heaven.

Then we got back home… I felt a little dodgy… then Josh felt a little dodgy… then the ralphing began – we’d gotten food poisoning! We figured it was the burgers we ate in the departure lounge at Nadi airport… 36 hours later I’m able to stomach coffee, but solid foods are a no-no…

All in all, a lovely relaxing break, with a bit of a funny (in time I’m sure it will be) story to tell at the end…

pic 1 – kayacked to a secluded beach and drew this in the sand
pic 2 – snorkelling in 4ft water… i still hyperventilated, but did indeed snorkel!
pic 3 – Josh playing rugby with some of the plantation workers one evening – the sunset was just gorgeous


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One Response to conquering my fears, relaxing, and ralphing…

  1. Suz anderson says:

    Awesome Ange!! I'm so happy that you are happy..

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