New listing… a work of art…?

Literally, a wearable piece of art, well I think so anyway!
This piece is inspired by my obsession with Laurell K Hamilton’s books – in particular the Merry Gentry faerie princess series.Princess Meredith has sidhe scarlet hair, most often described as being as garnets spun into strands, and moonlit skin, like the shine of the gleaming silver.This piece is truly decadent, and definitely one of a kind.
Yes, I have used genuine natural and dyed garnet gemstone beads, along with lashings of sterling silver. Finished with a wire wrapped clasp, this piece is full of detail.

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2 Responses to New listing… a work of art…?

  1. Ange, I love this necklace, it's stunning! So intricate, I can see you much hard work would have gone into it. You should be very proud of yourself! x

  2. jenny says:

    Really very beautiful and attractive work from you. I like it a lot. Main part is that you have chosen the orange color.dsi r4

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