The Value of Buying Handmade: PERSONality

While reading through Etsy’s forums today, I came across this great article:

It talks about the real cost of buying handmade, and makes some excellent points. It really resonated with me.

I have been questioned at times (even by my mum) about the price of my jewellery. Some of it does seem expensive! The cheapest item in my store is around $10USD. And the most expensive hover around the $150-200USD mark. Why would I charge this much when you can go to Diva and buy something of similar design for a fraction of the price? Because quality jewellery is damned expensive to make!

I have hundreds of dollars (thousands maybe?) worth of tools, silver, beads, hammers etc all hanging around the house (but no, it’s not worth stealing!). And I do factor in time costs when pricing my jewellery – but this is by far the smallest proportion of the end price.

So why bother doing it? I sure as hell don’t sell enough to quit my day job. BECAUSE I LOVE IT. I go to my happy place while hammering, I am rapt in wire wrapping, and I find beauty in beading. And I think I’m good at it 😛

The few items I do sell keep my spirits up and keep me creating. I love giving away items to friends and family, and I get a huge kick out of having an online store hearted by over 100 people now. It just gives me a buzz.

As a buyer, I’d rather give a gift of a couple of gorgeous handmade bibs and baby clothes by Emma or Alissa than 20 similar items bought at K-Mart mass produced by soulless machines for soulless merchants for half the price – my gifts have person-ality!

I have an insight into the time and love that crafters dedicate to their merchandise, because I’m part of that community. I hope that by reading this, you have more understanding of the value in the handmade products that people sell.

Buy handmade – it’s WORTH more.


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14 Responses to The Value of Buying Handmade: PERSONality

  1. meredith says:

    thanks for the special mention!!! what a great post as well!good karma to you,meredithwhite plum studio

  2. whyte says:

    Thanks for the link back to this blog entry from white plums etsy thread today, enjoyed reading and so true so true.

  3. So so true! Handmade SO much better and personal! Thanks for popping past my and Samone's blogs. Melinda.

  4. Great points Ange. I love buying handmade … of course! 😉

  5. Swift Jan says:

    AMEN!!Now I am not a crafter as such. (I am a wannabe), but I love to purchase unique hand made things. I really appreciate the talent, effort, time & love that goes into every individual item. I am trying to teach my friends & family not to fall over at the price of these lovely pieces (not just yours, but crafters in general) because I feel they are worth every penny!!

  6. Ange says:

    Jan you're a gem!!! 😀

  7. Jess says:

    Ange, awesome 🙂 It is all about the person-ality!:D

  8. Very nicely said, Ange. 'If more people were for people, all people everywhere; there'd be a lot less people to worry about and a lot more people who care'like you.

  9. BonTons says:

    Great Ange, I do it because I love it too and I love to give Handmade, it comes from the heart! Handmade is Worth more!

  10. Beautifully expressed, I agree that most of us are not in it for the money, we would be in trouble if we were. I too love to work with my materials and the highs of making the perfect piece and seeing it worn are worth more than the money. Like most, selling my craft is mostly about being able to afford to continue to create.Great article

  11. Handmade is wonderful! Nice one Ange. I also love "I go to my happy place while hammering". Tee Hee.

  12. lyptis says:

    Handmade ROCKS!!!:DI try to make my own things(or have my man make things;) or buy vintage or handmade. I try to spend as less money as possible at the big chain stores, THEY SUCK!!!:P

  13. Ruthie says:

    very, very well said! They ARE worth more, for so many reasons.

  14. tractorgirl says:

    aww, way to go Ange! we ARE special!!! Money is such a little part of who we are, damn I am sad about how our society 'values' things sometimes.

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