tutorial # 3 fancy clasp and wire wrapped loop

g’day – thanks for visiting my blog – I hope you like my tutorials! This is the third tutorial, and is kind of two in one – a fancy hook clasp, including a wire wrapped loops. You can use the wire wrapped loops in place of jump rings on other projects – they look better and are more secure, and they’re kind of fun!
This tutorial is semi-advanced. However, if you’re beginning – give it a crack anyway – just use some craft wire or copper – something you don’t mind messing up – practice makes perfect!
So to make this style of clasp, you need some wire (i’ve used 18ga sterling silver wire – 20ga will do too), wire cutters, flat nosed and round nosed pliers, and a hammer and anvil.

Step 1 – make a loop in your wire, leaving a bit hanging over.

Step 2 – hold the loop securely, and wrap the end bit around the long part of the wire. Keep good tension on the wire – be confident with it – sometimes hesitation will put kinks in the wire and stuff up your loop.

Snip the end of the wire off…

Step 3 – make a larger loop in the wire, bending it back towards your first loop. It’s beginning to look like a hook now!

Snip the end off the wire, leaving some overhang.

Step 4 – curl the end of the loop back against the body of the hook using your round nosed pliers.

Voila – you’ve got a hook!

Step 5 – lightly hammer your hook – not the wrap – just the body of the hook and the looped end. I like to hammer the round curves a little harder for some added strength and a bit of funk.

Step 6 – you’re starting your wire wrapped loop now! Repeat Step 2 above to create the first half of the wire wrapped loop.

Step 7 – repeat Step 3 from before, but not as large as the hook – just slightly larger than your original loop. This will be the bit that the hook will slip into to become a clasp.

Step 8 – wrap the wire around the shaft of the wire – firmly and neatly, and going the opposite way to your first loop if you can – this will allow the ends to meet neatly once you snip the wire.

Step 9 – Snip the wire – see how the ends meet up? Then hammer the ends lightly to create some strength (and the funk!).

Voila! In less than 10 steps you have created both a wire wrapped loop (a technique you will use ALOT in your jewellery making) and a hook – coming together to form a lovely clasp.

Making your own clasps is fun, it adds an extra handmade element to your jewellery, great for your item description – and gives you a bit of jewellers cred too.
I hope you found this tutorial useful! Please use the voter, or comment on this post to tell me what to do next!!!
xx Ange.

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17 Responses to tutorial # 3 fancy clasp and wire wrapped loop

  1. I wish i had jewellery tools. another thing on my list of things to learn!good tutorial ange – its making me want to do it!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Very informative plus really great pictures.Well Done!

  3. I love how you have explained this tutorial in terms that even someone who has never even tried to make jewellery would understand your step by step instructions. The photos are definitely out of front page Etsy!The only thing you have missed out is that vibrant colour of your nail polish! Very sophisticated!Would love to see how you would make a little knotted ring using this technique.cheers from Janice (someone that can only twirl paper!)

  4. You always get my creative juices flowing when I read your blog.

  5. Pattie says:

    You make it look so simple with the great pictures and instructions! I will definitely have to try it.

  6. Coco says:

    Very well done!I'd like you to do 'wire wrapping a briolette'. I've seen so many different methods for this, but I still haven't got the hang of it. You know, the one that goes down half the length of the briolette.Thanks a bunch!Coco

  7. i make my own jewelry as well! great tutorial I would also love to link exchange! Great job! Keep up the creativity! Let me know if you would like to network together!

  8. Ange says:

    The nailpolish is Revlon Red by Revlon :)I think I'll give the headpins a miss and try the wire wrapping a brio – it has been done alot though… keep using the voter!xx Ange

  9. yeeshin says:

    Very intricate! Great pics

  10. Parabéns vc é artista seus trabalhos são lindos !!! Tia ionca

  11. This is an excellent tutorial! Thank you for the pictures and the clear descriptions. I've made jewelry for a while, but I never got this good – I always bought my clasps at Michael's… (scared looks around)

  12. Ange says:

    Tia – muito obrigada amiga!

  13. Ruthie says:

    I really do like this, it's a construction method that leaves room for the individual to add some little touches of her or his own. Cool!

  14. lovely tutorial. I might even try it and I don't do wireworking.

  15. Minky Magic says:

    Great tutorial, but what size wire should I be using to create this?

  16. Ange says:

    Minky it's up to you – I would personally use around an 18ga-20ga wire.

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