dedicated to my sister

My sister is leaving next week for England… for maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year… knowing Riss, I’m betting on a coupla weeks, but however long she’s gone, I’ll miss her stank ass. Some pics dedicated to my lovely, crazy, beautiful and caring sister… Please be safe overseas my love and come back home … with lots of presents… for me.

road trip!
pissy afternoon at the pub

magnetic island & dodgy loaned pants for horseriding…


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One Response to dedicated to my sister

  1. lyptis says:

    Smelly ass huh!;PJee.., well its cute to see how much u care for ur sis!Hope shes gonna have a great time in England!And i hope SHE is not gonna make u remove the post for the ‘stank ass’ comment!:D

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