Spray Tans Brisbane … Liquid Sun, St Tropez, Naked Tan all $25 Carina

OK this is a blatant advertisement! Now that I’ve made that disclaimer…

As well as working full time, running my online jewellery store, promoting same and supporting my fellow Down Under Street Team members… I run a home spray tanning business. My site is here.

Have you ever gone to a salon, or worse, a booth – and come out looking like a freaky oompaloompa? urgh. I know I have… it wasn’t pretty.

I got into spray tanning with my sister – the two of us were spending soooo much on our weekly spray tans and decided to pool our efforts (and funds) and tan ourselves. It took a few months, and more than a few dodgy tans, to perfect our technique – and we haven’t looked back.

Larissa’s since taken a back seat and is content to pop by for her weekly tan and let me do the rest – which is fine, cos I get paid and she don’t haha.

I’ve been tanning for around three years now, and my clients now include TV presenters and models (no kidding – I’m not lying!). I have stolen many a client from local tanning salons and even other home-based spray tanners… why? cos I’m that good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not being cocky – it’s just true – I actually CARE how your tan turns out. I thrive on word-of-mouth and repeat business, so I’m motivated to ensure your tan is awesome.

OK end of my rant – just a bit of background and hey, a bit of a plug for my biz… ๐Ÿ™‚
My number is 0412 291 758 – call or text for a booking.
ciao! xo

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