Photoshoot with SculleyDesign

Just a couple of photos from a recent photoshoot with the lovely
Sarah Sculley of SculleyDesign.

Sarah is a good mate of mine, so I agreed to pose for a few pics for her stock photos, and these are a couple of them (along with my profile pic)…

The sexy looking fella is my fella Josh 🙂 He’d kill me if I put up any of his ‘model’ shots – very modest he is.

The top I am wearing in the photo below is from the lovely Gaby of Hopeless. It is made from organic bamboo jersey and feels divine on. Such a great cut too – I can’t wait for her to stock some more colours!


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3 Responses to Photoshoot with SculleyDesign

  1. Wow great pics. The last one doing I am assuming a “yoga pose” put a smile on my face, very cute. I will certainly check the label out I love the look of the top you’re in black.Kylie

  2. Ange says:

    hahah yep Kylie – that was my smartarse yoga pose… i was quite pissy by that stage hehehehehe

  3. RocketGirl says:

    The photo of you in jeans is really cute- gorgeous picture!

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