my first treasury!!!

this is my very first treasury!!! featuring (L-R top-bottom)

I chose mostly Australian artists, but also those that had caught my eye and were lurking in my favourites. I’m really pleased with it and can’t wait to do another one! My next one is already sitting in postersketch and is called “harden up sunshine!”


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3 Responses to my first treasury!!!

  1. carina says:

    it’s the foot balm the foot balm!!!youve won tranquillitas eostre giveaway!!send us your address and we can post it!tranquillita (at) bigpond (dot) comnice treasury too! 🙂

  2. Ange says:

    heheheh YAY! Thanks Carinaxo

  3. Love it! It’s so beautifully pieced together.. they all work very well in unison. :)Just stumpled on this blog and wanted to say congrats!

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