why was turning 28 was so damn depressing??

So, I turned 28 this week. I thought I’d be OK with it, although I am positive that I now fall into the “late 20s” category now… which I’m not soooo OK with.

So, in an attempt to be the young and fabulous thing I know I’m meant to be, I decided to hold the year’s best fancy dress birthday party (a “P” party to be precise!). Now. I do great parties. It’s just what I do. But this year… well… it seemed like such an effort!

Don’t get me wrong I had a really great time, got drunk, fell down, etc etc, but by about 9pm I was rubbing my feet going “what fucking time is it?!”… sad I know!

Then this morning, upon receiving a multitude of phone calls and knocks on the door to pick up cars, clothes (costumes) etc, I found myself wanting to hide, rather than relive the previous evening’s events.

Now to top it all off, my favourite hangover combination of a good hot curry and a beer for dinner, has been ruined. Josh gallantly offered to run up the road for a good chicken tikka masala for me, and instead of going the tried and trusted route, opted to try somewhere new. AND IT WAS SHIIIIT.

So… I think next year I’ll skip the party, tell everyone I’m turning 30 instead of 29 and go to a health spa or something.

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6 Responses to why was turning 28 was so damn depressing??

  1. No, no! Stay positive! Once you have eaten a good curry your faith in parties will be redeemed! Just wait til everyone’s photos turn up on Facebook, and you will see it was worth it!Nice EtsyMini by the way!

  2. carmel says:

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂 And I loooove your costume looks punk to me!!

  3. thingomatic says:

    oh darl, the birthday blues! i like to scatter a few events over a week or two to prevent the big high and massive come down. 30 was a pisser let me tell you. watch out!!!

  4. Enjoy it all, create lots! I know,it creeps up on you!

  5. lyptis says:

    Hey, but u still look pretty cool and groovy!;D

  6. helena says:

    hahahah, but you’re still rockin and creatin, so gotta love that girl!! —–http://www.littlemoandfriends.com/blog

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